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Lynx Computer Support
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Serving the Greater Memphis area for 10 years!

About Us

Our Mission


Allow us to be your 'go to' technical support! All of our technicians are Microsoft Certified IT Professionals - Highly experienced, offering practical - cost effective fixes for all your technical related issues. Whether its in house, or in your business, we can fix your home machines or be your outsourced On-Call IT Solution for your business... there when you need us - here to tackle whatever problems are thrown at us so you can better focus on your family, your business focus or just on life.

 Ask us about any of our services, we'd love to help:

  • Diagnostics & Repair
  • Virus Removal & Software Install
  • End-to-end solution design
  • Technical Consulting
  • Networks and systems security
  • Off-site data backup & Repair
  • Digital Signage 
  • Server/Network Configurations
  • Managed IT Solutions

+ Much, much more!

Our Approach


Our technicians are here to serve you!  We offer friendly customer service, flexibility in scheduling, quick resolutions without all the tech mumbo jumbo, and just as competitive we are with our world class service,

we offer incredibly competitive prices.

Whatever technical issues you have, we can help solve. Whatever you want to dream in the office, we can create! 

Because of our low overhead we pass the savings to our customers, you!

Why Us?


We off the best, most seasoned technicians in the mid-south, at the most competitive price around.  We understand you are busy, you didn't anticipate having a technical issue - so we try to work most conveniently around your requests.

Need us to work in your home or small business? We will! Need to schedule unorthodox hours? You can! Want us to pick up/drop off your computer? No Problem! We cater to you, our valued customer!

Call us today.